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Mitsubishi unveils a Delica-like concept car ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobile Show

Mitsubishi unveils a Delica-like concept car ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobile Show

along with Japan Mobile Expo 2023 It wasn’t long before manufacturers started teasing their show cars. Mitsubishi plans to showcase a series of off-road concept vehicles at this year’s auto show. As part of the buildup, the automaker released a trailer for its electric crossover concept.

Lack of details

There’s not much to see in the trailer, as the concept kicks up quite a bit of dirt. What we saw makes us believe that this is a new generation of Delica trucks. Mitsubishi says the concept is an electric crossover (multi-purpose vehicle) that combines the handling of an SUV with MPV-like comfort and ease of use.

Details about this concept are few. The automaker describes the concept as having high ground clearance, although without showing that, we have to take Mitsubishi’s word for it. It is also said to feature electric all-wheel drive and large-diameter tires.

Other news about Mitsubishi

In addition to the MPV concept, Mitsubishi also showed off a simple-looking Last Mile Mobility vehicle developed in collaboration with LIFEHUB Inc. The company says the last-mile mobility concept uses batteries that an electric vehicle would provide, providing more mobility once it reaches its destination.

With the Japan Mobility Show 2023 just a few weeks away, the concept car is set to be unveiled at a press conference on October 25-26. The exhibition is open to the public from October 28 to November 5.


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