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Tesla offers factory vinyl wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla offers factory vinyl wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y

“Self-healing” vinyl wraps are available in a variety of colors, but none of them are cheap.

Do you find that you no longer like the exterior colors of your Tesla? Are you tired of watching?There are 40 other Pearl White Model Ys available at your local Whole FoodsOr 60 pure black Model 3s in a coffee shop? Tesla gives you a way to stand out from the crowd, but it’s not cheap.

The automaker has just revealed that the Model 3 Model Y owners can now order packaging directly through the official Tesla app. Buyers can choose one of seven colors: Glacier Blue, Forest Green, Satin Rose Gold, Slippery Grey, Satin Ceramic White, Invisible Satin Black, and Crimson Red. There is a wonderful array of colors to choose from, and each color seems to have its own advantages. To our eyes, the forest green skin appears slightly pearly, while the slippery gray color has almost no metallic reflections.

The bad news is that no matter what color you choose, these packs aren’t cheap. Packages start at $7,500 ($8,000 for some colors), including composition and materials, and claim to be made from a “self-healing polyurethane film.” We remember a time when people in the aftermarket thought vinyl wraps were a cheap alternative to repainting your car. How things have changed! If you want to know exactly how much each color costs, check out the pricing details below.

Tesla Model 3 And Model Y Wrap Pricing

Glacier Blue$8,000
Forest Green$8,000
Satin Rose Gold$8,000
Slip Grey$7,500
Satin Ceramic White$7,500
Satin Stealth Black$7,500
Crimson Red$8,000

Tesla has not yet revealed whether other models, such as the Model We’ll ask them, but you know how a Tesla drives. We have to imagine that if the first package sells well, Tesla will expand this option to other models.

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