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The Kia Concept EV4 is a bold take on traditional sedans

The Kia Concept EV4 is a bold take on traditional sedans

When is a sedan not a sedan? When it comes to Kia’s EV4 concept. Yes, the electric concept has four doors and the proportions we expect from a sedan, and don’t get me wrong, we’re excited to see this body style remain relevant in the long term, but Kia claims this is what it’s all about – a new sedan. However, this is not a crossover!

The Kia Concept EV4 is part of the automaker’s broader strategy to launch a range of electric vehicles across the automotive kingdom. next to EV3 concept The EV4 also made its debut at Kia’s Electric Vehicle Day event in South Korea, and now that the automaker has launched larger battery-powered electric vehicles, including…Electric car 5,Electric car 6, And Electric car 9. While almost the entire lineup is made up of crossovers, the EV4 walks the line between sedan and hatchback, hopefully reshaping the needs of some SUV owners who still want to maximize space.

While the EV4’s image is unlike anything we’ve seen, we can see some influence from the EV6, which falls somewhere between a hatchback and a crossover. That long, sloping nose (yes, there’s a fascia) and raked windshield should cut through the air well, but it’s at the rear end that things get really weird. Sounds like the love child of an EV6 and a car Cadillac CT4The rear window extends down from the rear wheels and continues through three zip codes before ending in a familiarly shaped integrated spoiler.

The Concept EV4 shares some design elements with its smaller sibling, the stocky Concept EV3. The decoration around the wheel wells has a variety of interesting angles. Those tough-looking gray things also creep up on both bumpers, adding variety to some of the clean body lines. The concept’s matte gold paint is also very smooth.

The focus on width is also reflected inside, where the relatively clean cabin layout feels nice and spacious. A crest rises from the dashboard, but most other elements are hidden — literally, in this case, as the climate controls retract when not needed. There are also needle vents in the EV3, a unique and often overlooked part of the car that uses individual nozzles to change the way air flows. If you’re wondering how much ambient light there is here, the answer is “a lot.”

This being a concept, Kia isn’t offering any form of powertrain specifications, but we don’t expect the EV4 to remain in concept territory for long, though the automaker has yet to confirm whether such a sleek design is possible. Electric sedans are coming to the United States. With the EV9, EV5, Concept EV3 and Concept EV4, Kia has a lot of interesting products coming to the market by the end of the decade.


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