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The Nissan Hyper Adventure concept points to the future of electric SUVs

The concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show hopes to translate its adventurous looks into an adventurous electric vehicle.

The active lifestyle — kayaks on the roof, thin Patagonia jackets, and a cup of hot coffee in hand outside a tent pitched beneath the jagged ridgeline — is hugely popular. See how the iconic Outback and Crosstrek brands, once synonymous with adventure vehicle aspirations, are shaking up the status quo.With wildlife as the face, more styles suitable for outdoor activities are born.. The Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept won’t leave that highly marketable image to others, as it’s an electric SUV designed to embrace the outdoors in a way that the brand’s current electric vehicle, the Ariya, doesn’t.

At least, this may be the case with future electric cars inspired by the Super Adventure concept. Given the popularity of all-electric vehicles and the enduring appeal of SUVs, suggesting that Nissan’s future EVs will take the form of SUVs isn’t exactly rocket surgery.

Consider which model will replace the petrol-powered and plug-in hybrid Nissan Rogue in the compact SUV segment: will it try to embody the all-terrain experience to differentiate itself from the more luxurious Ariya? almost certain. So it seems that what we’re seeing in the Super Adventure concept is another direction that Nissan is thinking loudly in the electric SUV segment – something akin to Kia’s upcoming EV5.

Nissan’s idea is interesting, although not necessarily suitable for production. The open, belted seats are pure designer fantasy, as is the angular abstraction of the dashboard. But ideas born from imagination will influence future products, so let them do the cooking. Not to mention, this looks more like a consumer product than the last roundThe Nissan Fantasy electric concept car has an unusual name and smarter features.

Aside from the angular shape (note the prominent ‘chin’, an evolution of the Ariya’s basic shape and perhaps a harbinger of a future Nissan EV logo), there’s some playful and even dreamy thoughtfulness here. Wheels and tires are equipped with “studs”—not metal spikes that you put on your shoes, but distinct grooves that bite the snow from the tread to the tire. The rear seats can be flipped vertically, front to back, so you can enjoy mountain views while sipping coffee, for example. Large traction batteries can serve as household batteries, power camping lights in cars, or even charge electric entertainment devices. (Many electric cars offer such a utility mode, but it’s a useful feature, so it would be even more of a shock if future outdoor-oriented Nissans didn’t offer it.)

Nissan showed off the Hyper Adventure concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, but you can bet it will be unveiled at a future North American auto show, in case you want to see Nissan’s vision of the future in person.

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