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Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda wants to reintroduce the Celica sports car

Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda wants to reintroduce the Celica sports car

Akio Toyoda mentioned Celica’s revival in a new interview, and it’s more than just talk.

The Toyota Celica was a staple of the Japanese sports car movement that began in the 1970s and continued into the early 1970s.The Celica started out as a cheap, fun sports coupe But its success in the rally made Celica a true icon. Unfortunately, Toyota phased out the Celica in 2005 as the economy changed and consumer tastes changed.

Fans have wanted the Celica back since the day it was killed, but Toyota has taken no official action to make it happen. However, over the past decade we’ve seen the resurgence of great Japanese sports cars like the Acura NSX, Nissan Z, and Toyota GR Supra. We also saw the birth of new badges like the Toyota GR 86.If there was ever a time to bring back Celica, it’s nowBut hopes are not high that this will actually happen. However, Toyota Motor Corporation Chairman Aiko Toyoda (aka “Morizo”) may have given us another reason to believe once again.

Toyota Eco has made an official application

Toyota Inside News Media – He recently sat down with Akio Toyoda at the Hokkaido Rally and asked him about the possibility of a new Celica in the future. “You’ll have to ask Toyota that question,” Akio Toyoda said. “I’m not on the management side.” The interviewer hinted that given Akio Toyoda’s position, he could make a “request.” “Well, I know that,” Toyoda replied, “but I don’t know what name it would be under.”

The company’s president personally submitted an official request to buy Silica. Will it definitely be approved? Well, not exactly. Because of the “diversity” within Toyota, executives have the freedom to agree or disagree on which cars they might want to produce, Toyoda said. According to him, this is how the stylish new Prius appeared. “Without people like this, the Prius wouldn’t be what it is today. I won the crown, but my Prius was taken away from me by people who didn’t want to be by my side.”

Returning to the Celica, Toyoda said: “I’m not just saying this because we’re in Rally, but [Juha] Kankkunen is Mr. Celica. Our four-time champion used to drive a Celica. Now you’re all well, think about that ‘why I use Kankkunen so much.’ See if you can guess!” according to himToyota timesAkio Toyoda looked directly into the camera and said the final words.

Will it really happen?

So, Toyota’s boss has officially applied for a new Celica, but what are the chances of this actually happening? Facts lead us back to earth. While Toyoda confirmed that he made the request, he himself admitted that things did not always go his way. In addition, he confirmed that even if they approved his request, the car in question might not even be called ‘Celica’, which is a bit unfortunate.

In the end, the Celica succeeded because it was a fun, affordable sports car. The thing is,The presence of the GR 86 filled this gap. Will consumers spend $25,000 on a front-wheel-drive Toyota sports car when they can spend a little more on a rear-wheel-drive 86 GT? Probably not. Toyota may choose to bring back the Celica in its final form, the GT-4, but then it would be stepping on the GR Corolla’s toes. Even if you ignore all that, the Celica will likely return as an electric car when it’s ready to go on sale. We’re not sure this is what die-hard Celica fans want.

All things considered, the chances of Celica being revived don’t look good, but as long as Toyoda wants it to happen, we still have a glimmer of hope.

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