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Toyota is teasing an electric sports car with the MR2 vibe

Toyota is teasing an electric sports car with the MR2 vibe

This all-electric concept car looks compact, aggressive and fun to drive. But will Toyota produce it or make an SUV concept?

At this point, if you’ve read anything about Toyota recently, you’ve probably noticed the following comments:How slow is the famously conservative brand to go all-electric?. Of course, they’re probably right – there’s been a heated debate in the motoring press about whether its hybrid-focused transition plan is a wise move or a vindication. But Toyota’s EV concept is strong, and the company has remained so since the backlash a few years agoAnda Electric car concept.

So, whether or not Toyota actually gets into the pure electric car business more seriously than the bZ4X, it’s at least talking about interesting electric cars. And tease them. Over the next few days, Toyota will be showcasing more electric car concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show, the most interesting of which is the all-electric FT-Se sports car bearing the GR badge. (beriberi?)

It’s hard to tell from the trailer, but it sure looks like itToyota’s electric sports car concept has been shown previously, with some different details. (The spoiler/wing arrangement looks different, as the prototype had some garnish behind the front wheels which the new model doesn’t have, etc.) But the concept is likely to be “the same”, at least with regard to their relative proportions and stance Relative to Toyota’s upcoming all-electric offerings. The similarities and differences with previous concepts will become clearer when they are fully revealed in Tokyo.

For what it’s worth, Toyota says the FT-Se is a high-performance electric car that prioritizes handling and aerodynamics. Toyota also said it will expand its capabilities through software updates to accommodate the software-defined vehicle model. The cockpit has a joystick somewhat similar to a racing steering wheel, surrounded by small panels with different functions, and the main instrument display is located near the windshield. The dashboard appears to be lowered and covered in Alcantara – which of course are computer-generated images as far as we can tell. The exterior design looks very aggressive, with a bold rear spoiler, winglets on the trailing edges of the rear fenders, and a massive diffuser.

Toyota says the FT-3e will share components (it’s a concept – anything is possible!) and appears to be a regular but sophisticated electric SUV with an external digital display. Toyota also talks about moving power and data to “society” – your ideas are as good as ours and what that means in practice.

The Tokyo Motor Show kicks off later this month, where we’ll see the full reveal of these cars and hopefully get an insight into whether Toyota will actually produce something similar. There’s been a lot of buzz internally at Toyota about a new Celica, and perhaps we can read this concept as a step on the way to exploring what a GR-badged all-electric sports car (whatever that’s called) might look like. .


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